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Cloud Professional Services 3 min read

Could confidence in the Cloud re-energise professional services?

Could confidence in the Cloud re-energise professional services?

Professional services firms are beginning to overcome some of the cloud stigmas that were initially holding back adoption. So as the sector continues on its course to adopt public cloud, we take a look at the way in which professional services are set to change for the better.

Increased security

Historically, alternatives to public cloud have been favoured by professional services as it’s perceived as being less secure. Even today, myths around the lack of security in public cloud is still holding back adoption in the sector. But in reality, public cloud customers actually experience around 51% less security incidents per customer than enterprises relying strictly on other cloud services.

Alert Logic’s Cloud Security report highlights that there is absolutely no indication that Public Cloud is any less secure, in fact, there is an increasing body of evidence to the contrary. The variations in threat activity are not as important as where the infrastructure is located. Anything that can be possibly accessed from outside, whether enterprise or cloud, has equal chances of being attacked, because attacks are opportunistic in nature.

The Opportunity for Cost Savings

Widespread cloud adoption could significantly reduce money spent by the sector on IT every year and this will prove important as the industry continues to innovate beyond today.

Pay-as-you-go pricing enables professional services firms to easily adapt to changing needs without overcommitting budgets and improving their responsiveness to changes. With a pay as you go model, they can adapt depending on need and not on forecasts, reducing the risk or overprovisioning or missing capacity.

By paying for services on an as needed basis, the sector can redirect their focus to delivering improved services and reducing procurement complexity.

Delivering better services to clients, faster than ever before

Cloud services in particular are an important tool for professional services, enabling them to take advantage of both platform and infrastructure services to quickly roll out scalable new applications – both inside and outside their organisation. It’s this speed that’s key to the importance of cloud. Instead of taking years to build new applications, IT teams can deliver code in months, or even weeks, and by taking advantage of new development methodologies and tools, they can keep those systems running with regular updates. It’s a change that’s affecting organisations across the sector, with teams now able to deliver new software releases much faster, thanks to Cloud.

Crucially, it seems that we’re witnessing a turning point in the provision of IT services for professional services. Although it’s true this change won’t be easy, and many organisations will need to go through a significant transformation.

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