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Azure cloud for SMBs.

We help manage, migrate & optimise Azure cloud environments meaning we give SMBs give cost effective, hassle-free operations. ANS provides UK-based Azure specialists to manage your cloud consumption in a cost efficient manner, and empower your IT team to work smarter and faster.

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Trusted Azure provider.

Azure managed services, backed by Microsoft.

ANS Azure cloud is based on the most advanced knowledge from Microsoft. Security is built in by design. Simple management tools give hassle-free operation. All supported by our certified UK based engineers.

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UK’s highest certification.

Our streamlined approach to Azure follows Microsoft's best practice frameworks to give faster speed of deployment that avoids common mistakes, reduces costs and meets security requirements.

Flexible Azure management.

All our co-managed services come with stringent SLAs that are financially backed. Our UK based engineers give you as much or as little knowledge transfer as you want.

Azure cost and performance optimisation.

Our simplified enterprise grade management tool, Glass, gives you full transparency on all your Azure costs and performance. It enables spend to be optimised weekly, giving you maximum ROI.

See what we can do.

Ready to put Azure to work for your business? Tell us what you’re trying to achieve, and let’s see how we can help.

Highest Microsoft certifications.

  • MSP-azure expert certification logo
  • MSP-20/21 partner of the year finalist badge
  • MSP modern work
  • MSP-data and ai infra and database migration badge
  • MSP data and ai specialist analytics
  • MPS-security threat specialist badge
  • MSP-digital and app innovation azure badge
  • MSP-Infrastructure Azure Specialist Infra & Database Migration badge
  • MPS-Specialist cloud security-badge
  • MSP-Business Apps logo
  • MISA-Managed XDR
Our approach

How we work with you.

With our simple 3-step process, we look at your needs, then build a tailored solution based on repeatable, enterprise-grade solutions, that is rapidly deployed using automation tools. We can then optimise the solution with our UK based managed services team.


Through an initial discovery, we create a top line plan that points you in the right direction. It includes a high level design based on standard components that quickly gets you up and running.


Your solution is rapidly deployed to a variety of platforms using our suite of advanced automation tools.


Our UK based managed services team can help you fine tune the solution and can co-manage it with you. While our CoE consultants guide you on the best way to achieve your desired business outcome and provide functional engineering support.