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Build customer relationships that deliver with Dynamics 365

Build customer relationships that deliver with Dynamics 365

Research has shown that four out of five brands record and store more information about their customers than they know how to productively use. In large companies, especially, it’s crucial to have the right tools for transforming information into an effective strategy.

You’ve got all this data, now it’s time to get some insights. By implementing Dynamics 365, we can help you to identify goals, create plans and deploy the best solutions for productive sales, project management, client insights, engaged marketing, reporting and informed support.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can help your Professional Services organisation build customer relationships that deliver.

Improve responsiveness, interactions with prospects, customers & partners

Companies can no longer “mend and make-do” as their way of keeping up with customer expectations of seamless digitised access and interaction.

Data and information at the point of requirement needs to be instantly accessed, transparent and available to all parties involved in client engagements at each stage. Yet data storage in different locations under different operating and management systems continues to be a real barrier to performance efficiency for many firms and their customers. Learn how we answer this challenge for your clients.

Since installing Microsoft Dynamics 365, BDO have radically improved their client engagement. Rebecca McClure, Director of Operations explains:

“As we started using Dynamics, we thought actually it would be brilliant for the client to be able to interact with us and the CRM. So, we then engaged with ANS to implement a client portal.”


Improve forecasting accuracy & revenue visibility

Professional Services companies want to improve revenue forecasting, track leads easily and maximise sales with the right CRM solution. Dynamics 365 offers exactly that: it provides a 360-degree view of your customers, sales processes, and procedures, it’s the innovation you’ve been anticipating.

Erase apprehensions surrounding inaccuracies by sales forecasting with CRM. Utilise a CRM solution with reliable analytics and reporting capabilities, and the gathered data can improve your pipeline and help you forecast more accurately, maximising sales. Understand buyer behaviour with a complete view of their actions and refine your pipeline strategy accordingly.

Maximise time spent in relationship and understand company relationships

Many firms struggle to understand the ‘Health of a Relationship’ prospect or how to get an introduction. Having insights at the right time to engage with relevant recommendations that speak to true customer needs will allow you to stop opportunities from falling through the cracks and  help shorten lengthy sales cycles and grow revenue.

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses AI to help companies with who knows whom, relationship analytics and much more. Watch our demo video to learn more.