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Dynamics 365 for Member Management.

We will accelerate your implementation of Dynamics 365 using our Membership Hub app to help you manage and grow your member relationships.

Membership Hub dashboard screenshot
How it works.

Recruit and Onboard Members.

  • Manage any type of membership in one place. 
  • Use insights to nurture prospective members. 
  • Easily apply your membership promotions and welcome offers. 
  • Manage your member pipeline using native integration with Dynamics Sales. 
  • Ensure seamless member sign-up by connecting your website or payment gateway. 
How it works.

Retain and Engage Members.

  • See a complete picture of your member interactions.  
  • Use automated renewal processes to reduce admin effort.  
  • Integrates with Mailchimp and Dynamics 365 Marketing.  
  • Works with D365 Customer Service for connected case management.  
  • Connect with survey tools to collect member feedback. 
How it works.

Member Insights.

  • Easily identify upcoming renewals, expired memberships and payment arrears. 
  • Create member segments using advanced filters. 
  • Visualize member data with automated Power BI visuals. 
  • Track membership referrals and acknowledge influential members. 
  • Allocate membership payments to specific funds or projects for transparency. 

Speak to an expert.

Find out how your organisation can grow using our modern membership management for Dynamics 365.

Our approach.

How we work with you.

With our simple 3-step process, we look at your needs, then build a tailored solution based on repeatable, enterprise-grade technology that is rapidly deployed using automation tools. We then optimise the solution with our managed services or Centre of Excellence advice.


Through an initial discovery, we create a top line plan that points you in the right direction. It includes a high level design based on standard components that quickly gets you up and running.


Your solution is rapidly deployed to a variety of platforms using our suite of advanced automation tools.


Our UK based managed services team can help you fine tune the solution, and can co-manage it with you. While our CoE consultants guide you on the best way to achieve your desired business outcome and provide functional engineering support.  

Our Partnerships.

ANS is in the top 4% of Microsoft certified partners and certified as an Inner Circle Partner for Microsoft Business Applications.

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  • MSP-20/21 partner of the year finalist badge
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  • MISA-Managed XDR

Why ANS?

We enable every organisation, from massive to mini, to access the tech they need to succeed. We take enterprise-grade tech and simplify it so it’s affordable, usable and accessible for all.