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Low Code Retail, Transport & Hospitality 1 min read

How retailers are using low code to solve business problems

How retailers are using low code to solve business problems

by Chris Huntingford, one of our Low Code practice leads, points out the top 5 ways low code can help retailers solve their key business challenges.

Top 5 ways Low Code can help retailers:

  • Automate business processes.
    Optimise and modernise core processes to streamline and create an intuitive ecosystem.
  • Improve in-store employee & customer experience.
    Use Low Code to rapidly experiment with multi-variate testing and in store shopper experiences.
  • Keep the core data clean.
    Accelerate application modernisation and innovation by rapidly extending core systems used within Retail, such as Microsoft SAP, Oracle, and ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning).
  • Meet sustainability goals.
    Sustainability credentials of retailers are being scrutinised by shoppers before purchasing decisions and so is being prioritised by business leaders. Use Low Code to rapidly build ESG-related solutions to meet your shoppers’ expectations.
  • Governance and security in the ecosystem.
    Ensure the space to create low code solutions is secure, removing the worry of data breaches or disrupting the ecosystem.

Want to learn more about low code in retail? Check out this 5-minute video where Chris talks about the challenges, solutions, and effects of low code in retail.