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Get to know… Chilliapple

Get to know… Chilliapple

At ANS, working closely with our partners is key to forming long-lasting partnerships. As our partner showcase continues, our Indirect Sales Manager, Ryan Martin, sat down with Lauren Collings, Key Account & Business Development Manager at Chilliapple, to have a chat about the company, our partnership, and how we continue to grow together. With that said, let’s get to know Chilliapple…


First of all, please introduce yourself and the company…

I’m Lauren Collings, Key Account & Business Development Manager at Chilliapple. Chilliapple is an award-winning web and app development agency, based in Kent.


What does your company stand for? What are your values?

Our 4 key values – No Nonsense, Results Driven, Mastery and Cost challenger.


Tell us about your proposition, key tech partners, and how you want to work with others…

Our ethos at Chilliapple is client first. So, we’re always interested in partners that can add value to our client’s businesses, in order for it to reflect positively on us. Some of our key partners include ANS, Adobe, Trustpilot, Dotdigital, Klevu, to name but a few.


Ultimately, what do you want your company to be known for?

Our 4 key values – No Nonsense, Results Driven, Mastery and Cost challenger.

We focus on delivering business performance for our clients by not waffling and looking for the quickest route to market and the value in which we deliver in terms of our pricing.


Are there any technology areas on your radar screen/any trends in the market that interest you? And why?

Increased personalisation is key for any user. Therefore, AI is something that is highly relevant in today’s digital environment.


What is your biggest achievement/what are you most proud of?

Being part of one of the many success stories that we have in helping our clients grow and building long-term trusted relationships with both our clients and partners.


How do you see your company evolving?

Trying to stay ahead of the digital curve and changes in the tech space, through reaching out to new partners to grow our existing client base.


How would you describe your partnership with ANS?

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with ANS, we and clients have been frequently let down by a range of server host providers and we needed a partner that we could trust and rely on. ANS meets that criteria and helped give us that reassurance.


What sets ANS apart from the competition?

Reliability, accountability, consistency, security, and trust.


Brief/Potted history of your company

Nick Sharps, our founder was looking to scale the business in 2008, he needed to offer a range of platform and skillsets, and the ability to scale and a price point that customers were prepared to pay. All the quotes from purely UK-based development companies were too expensive. By chance, a friend recommended an established resource in India.

That’s when the idea behind Chilliapple was born.

UK businesses were struggling to find highly skilled website and app design or development resources that met their needs and their budgets. But they couldn’t easily access or manage the highly skilled developers located in India.

And the quotes and pitches were unnecessarily complicated and jargon heavy to try to justify the prices…

Chilliapple brings together the best of India with the best of the UK. Bespoke design and focused project management in the UK alongside high-end developers in India. There’s no waffle or time wasting. No unnecessary cost. Simply a focus to deliver a client’s brief on time and on budget.

Nick Sharps joined forces with Lokesh Gupta and between them they have 30 years of working in ecommerce and development. Their team has now grown to over 70 with a perfect fusion between the two countries.

And Chilliapple continues to be the only one in the UK to offer this better way. Its latest award for productivity app of the year and its continued success in client wins bears testament to its unwavering ethos.

For more information, please visit Chilliapple here.