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ANS puts customer in driver’s seat on mission to become customer obsessed

ANS puts customer in driver’s seat on mission to become customer obsessed

Leading provider of digital transformation and cloud services, ANS Group has partnered with global customer experience platform, AskNicely to drive opportunities for development and improvement to transform the customer experience, in line with its mission to be customer obsessed.

ANS will leverage AskNicely’s feedback product which connects real‐time customer feedback with all teams, systems and processes to provide insights on customer experience. Customers are surveyed multiple times during their journey with ANS to get a holistic review of the customer experience.

Members across all teams and departments will get deeper insights into their customers’ experiences with ANS and help them deliver the best engagements every day. It will also help managers know where to direct focus, and who to reward and recognise, empowering teams to connect with customers in new ways.

As part of ANS’ commitment to full transparency to its customers, the results of the customisable surveys will be measured by ANS’ Net Promoter Score® (NPS).

Director of Customer Success, Meng‐xi Hu, commented: “We’re proud to work with organisations like ANS who want to drive the best possible experiences for their customers. Listening to the customer voice is more important than ever and we hope ANS take maximum value from AskNicely.”

Customer Experience Manager at ANS, Melissa Johnson, said: “ANS strive to ensure that we’re constantly identifying opportunities for development and improvement so that our customers receive the best possible experience, wherever they are in their journey with ANS. I look forward to working closely with AskNicely to better understand where we can add more value throughout the customer journey.”

ANS COO, Chris Hodgson added: “When we say we are customer obsessed, we mean it. Our customers’ satisfaction is paramount to our success and this partnership demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible experience every time an organisation engages with us.”