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Dynamics Centre of Excellence

Dynamics Centre of Excellence

More than half of UK businesses are currently experiencing skills shortages as finding and hiring the right talent is exceedingly difficult. With Microsoft having seen a growth rate of 42% for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Dynamics 365/ D365), talent for the Microsoft ecosystem is no exception.

The effects of Covid and Brexit have led to companies becoming more tech-dependent, many turned to Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an easy-to-use and deploy, customisable and scalable CRM system which provides insights for increased revenue and productivity. Designed to help businesses grow and transform by proving insights to improve the customer journey and find new growth opportunities. Dynamics 365 comes with an array of benefits and gives teams the freedom to thrive by providing better customer insights, improved engagement, efficient lead management and higher conversion rates. Yet, the widening gap between supply and demand has led to a shortage of employees who can lead, manage, and support Microsoft Dynamics in-house.

Having reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts at your disposal allows you to analyse your business needs, ensure execution, and help accomplish data-driven decisions. However, the current hiring market for Microsoft Dynamics is fierce and it hasn’t been immune to the change of priorities and work preferences the pandemic has driven.  Employers that have managed to secure themselves D365 specialists are doing what they can to keep hold of them. If recruiting wasn’t difficult enough already, it will be even tougher than ever as many simply won’t have the budget to be able to invest in building out their Dynamics capability. So, what’s the solution?

Introducing our Dynamics 365 Centre of Excellence (CoE)

The changes brought by this disruption can be addressed by business leaders aligning teams around a common purpose. That’s why we have created a Dynamics 365 CoE – a team of dedicated people who streamline access to scarce, and high-demand Dynamics 365 capabilities for rapid execution across the business. Our COE is designed to give you the ability to tap into a rich pool of skills and resources as and when you need them, without the burden of having to build your own in-house capability.

What does this mean for you?

  • Access highly in-demand skills, on-demand – tap into a broad range of skills as and when you need to
  • Make significant cost savings – avoid having to pay for very expensive resources in-house and save on recruitment
  • Get up and running faster – our team is already up and running and waiting to help you. Attempting to build your own in-house data COE could take months or even years.
  • Implement changes rapidly – utilise ANS’ own intellectual property
  • Benefit from bespoke solutions – if needed, we’ll engineer capability from the ground up

With our Dynamics 365 CoE, you will be investing in nurturing organic growth while maintaining governance and control, as well as empowering your teams to foster creativity and innovation to drive key business improvements, such as:

  • Increasing quality and quantity of leads, boosting conversations.
  • Personalising sales experiences.
  • Enabling teams with a holistic customer view, allowing them to gain insights.
  • Reduce financially complexity and risks.
  • Ability to track financial performance and forecast trends.
  • Boost business performance visibility.

Gartner states that “a CoE is the first step in aligning their current resources and expertise in order to sustain world-class performance. With a CoE in place, an organisation is driven to excel in multiple disciplines together and reach goals efficiently.”