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The new ANS brand

The new ANS brand

Following the merger early this year, we’ve created a new brand for the new ANS that represents the best of UKFast and ANS. We’ve tried to make it straight forward, human and a bit different to the usual tech brands.   

Check out the 60 sec video here that explains it all

Without getting into brand theory too much, we’ve tried to create a look, feel and way of talking that represents everything we stand for. Which in a nutshell is: democratising digital transformation. 

By this, we mean bringing digital transformation technology, knowledge and processes to all organisations; large or small, public or private sector, retailer or reseller.   

Traditionally, the best digital transformation technology and knowledge has been the domain of large corporates. We don’t think this is right, or fair. We think that small companies and mid sized enterprises should have equal access, so they can also transform their organisations and realise their ambitions.  

So, we’ve made it our business to hack the technology adoption curve, which sees small and mid-sized organisations get access much later than corporates, and bring cutting edge tech and knowledge to those organisations much sooner.

We hack the curve by using our 20+ years of tech expertise, long standing partnerships with major tech vendors and OFSTED awarded academy. We adapt the tech to the specific needs of SMB and mid-sized enterprises, test it thoroughly, make it affordable and deploy it rapidly.  

In this way, everyone from 10 person operations to 2,000 strong government departments can access digital transformation tech, knowledge and process to realise their ambitions.  

This is what we mean by democratising digital transformation. 

This is what we mean by hacking the curve and enabling our customers to think bigger.