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Domain Name Terms and Conditions.

ANS: ANS Group Limited, registered in England and Wales, company registration number 03176761, registered office 1 Archway, Birley Fields, Manchester M15 5QJ;

They may be amended from time to time without prior notification. By using ANS to register or host your domain you automatically agree to our terms and conditions laid out below. The contract between you and ANS is subject to the following:

1. You must have the right to use the name and by registering, transferring or importing you confirm to us that you have that right.

2. By registering, transferring or importing a name you agree to keep ANS and its directors fully and effectively indemnified at all times; and indemnify ANS and its directors accordingly against all costs, claims, liabilities actions and expenses arising directly or indirectly through your choice and use of the domain name, or by any breach by you of your obligations contained herein.

3. You may register, transfer or import a domain name on behalf of somebody else (if you are an Internet Service Provider for example) and you may charge them what you like for your services. If you register, transfer or import a name without the permission and the knowledge of its final user and then sell it to them, you do so without our knowledge or consent. Breach of this term will result in cancellation of the registration.

4. If you register, transfer or import a domain name on behalf of somebody else (a client, for example) and you are registered on our database as a billing contact, ANS will first seek payment from you. If you do not pay the fees for whatever reason, ANS will have the right to recover the fees from the client.

5. The initial registration can be requested from 1 to 10 years, depending on the TLD selected, from the date of application for registration. Thereafter, you may renew the registration through ANS for a further desired period, again dependent on the maximum registration periods imposed by each TLD registry.

6. Renewal policy: You may renew domains registered through ANS at any time by logging into ANSPort, or choose the auto-renew option in ANSPortal. If you choose to auto-renew we will attempt to renew your domain name 60, 30, 14, and 7 days before the expiry, and then on the day of expiry itself. We will also send a reminder that your domains will auto-renew seven days before we attempt to renew them in case you do not wish to renew the domain. If payment fails we will inform you and re-attempt the renewal at the next milestone. For non-auto renewing domains we send reminders with a link to renew, 90, 60, 30, 14, and 7 days before the domain expires, and on the day it expires itself.

7. Expiry policy: Once your .uk domain expires, there will be a 30 day grace period before your domain is suspended. The domain will then have another 60 days before it is deleted, at which point it becomes available for re-registration. You can renew the domain at no extra charge any time during this 90 day period. For non .uk domains, there is a 30 day grace period, then a redemption period which is usually 30 days. For ICANN’s new gTLDs there is usually a grace period of 40 days and a redemption period of 30. During the redemption period there may be an additional cost to renew your domain which is detailed per TLD in ANSPortal. You can find further details in our domain name FAQs in ANSPortal. Please note: Some special domain names may have different redemption and grace period time frames, and you should check with the original reseller if yours does not renew. ANS will not be liable if this is the case.

8. By default, the details you provide at the time of registration, and those of the client you select the domain to be registered on behalf of, can and will be displayed when a WHOIS search is performed against the domain name registered. For .uk domains, registrants who are non-trading individuals have the option to opt-out of the WHOIS search. For non .uk domains a WHOIS privacy option can be purchased if it is available for the selected TLD.

9. You may surrender the registration of the domain name by notice in writing to ANS.

10. Following registration at the relevant registry, no refunds can be given for cancellations / renewals of unwanted domain names.

11. Domain names are registered on a first come, first served basis, whether or not ANS has domain name service entries on the database; or whether ANS has received payment for the name.

12. There is no guarantee that a domain name applied for has been entered on ANS’s database until you receive confirmation of registration. You are advised not to take any action in respect of the registration of the domain name before you have received confirmation.

13. Acceptance of names is at the discretion of ANS. ANS will not accept a name for delegation if: a) it has previously been registered b) we believe that you may not have the right to use the name.

14. Payment becomes due immediately as the domain is registered or transferred. All outstanding payments must be cleared within 7 days from the date of registration or ANS has the right to cancel the name and/or discontinue the name service. ANS reserves the right to charge for resumption of domain name service. If ANS does not receive payment for the domain name, ANS reserves the right to delete the name from the database and make it available for registration to the public. Once you have submitted a registration, or we have registered a domain on your behalf, you are liable for the full fees for the amount of time the domain is registered for; and any costs we incur recovering any outstanding fees, regardless of whether you keep or delete the name.

15. ANS may cancel the registration or suspend the delegation of the domain name in exceptional circumstances by notice in writing to you. Exceptional circumstances include: where to maintain the registration would put ANS in conflict with statutory obligation or the terms of a Court Order, or where the registration or use of the domain name conflicts with ANS’s rules for its domains and sub-domains in force from time to time.

16. It is agreed that ANS will not transfer a domain or change the TAG to another registrar until any outstanding balance over 30 days is paid in full. It is agreed that in the event of an unpaid invoice or outstanding balance for any service provided by ANS or a ANS employee, ANS has the right to suspend or remove any or all domains associated with you or your company from ANS’s DNS or servers. Furthermore, in the event of suspension or cancellation of service it is agreed that you will indemnify ANS and any of its employees from any damages or loss of consequential business.

17. In the event that you wish to transfer a domain to another service provider or TAG holder, you can do this in ANSPortal without charge provided that the terms in point 16 are met.

18. We procure our domains through eNom, Tucows and Nominet and we reserve the right to vary these conditions as a result of changes required by these providers.

19. Any attempt made to contact ANS through the website or ANSPortal will be responded to in a maximum of five business days.

20. You also agree to the ANS terms and conditions.

21. ANS reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions for domain registration without prior notice.