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Field Service Navigator

ANS Field Service Navigator delivered via Microsoft Catalyst is a consultative process for organisations looking to extend beyond the field service management capabilities provided by Resource Scheduling Optimisation (RSO) in Dynamics 365.

With ANS experts we will ensure that you understand what value real-time dynamic scheduling and route planning will bring to your organisation.

Field Service Navigator

How we do it

With the ANS Catalyst Certified Consultants you will be taken on a journey of discovery including art of the possible sessions on FLS VISITOUR technology, through to a design-led thinking envisioning workshop to understand whether your business pain can be solved and prioritised.

Furthermore, a business case will be generated via the Business Value Assessment to ensure you have all you need to start your platform journey.

Field Service Navigator

What is the ANS Field Service Navigator?


We will work through your business process pains and understand how Dynamics 365 Field Service and FLS VISITOUR can solve those pains. Following this we will collaborate in deciding the priority of solving each use case against cost, complexity of change and value to your business, all with the support of the ANS Certified Catalyst consultants.

Business Value Assessment.

Following prioritisation to 3-5 use cases or outcomes, ANS will ask the simple question of “So What?”. Using an FLS Scheduling Test, the aim here is to quantify and measure the impact of change and build a business case for you and your business to make the decision to invest.

Solution Assessment.

Finally, once commitment to deliver this value is received, we will support you in scoping an integrated solution so it can be delivered at pace for your business.