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Creditsafe Integration for Dynamics 365.

Improve your decision-making process with an effective credit reporting experience. Our Creditsafe Connector enables you to conduct credit checks on your customers and suppliers from your app, saving time and minimising risk. Even better, ANS managed services customers can access the Creditsafe Connector at no extra charge.

Demonstrating the Creditsafe Connector for Dynamics 365.

How the Xero Connector works.

Better understand the organisations you work with by connecting your Microsoft Power Platform app with Creditsafe’s global database of 400 million companies.

  • Streamlined Search: the intuitive search interface is prefilled with your account data, so finding the right company in Creditsafe is a breeze. Simply click to connect these records.
  • Enrich Account Records: automatically update your CRM records with important credit information from Creditsafe, including the company’s credit score and recommended maximum credit limit.
  • Download Credit Reports: the entire credit report is downloaded and saved on your account.
  • Company Financials: understand if a company is growing and financially stable.
  • Discover Key Risk Indicators: check if your customer or supplier has any CCJs and late or missed payments.
  • Stay Updated: refresh credit reports to gain up-to-date insights and retain a credit history.
  • Directors Check: view the current directors and seamlessly import new contacts.

Request Access.

If you already subscribe to our managed service, you deploy our Creditsafe Connector in your Dynamics 365 environment or Power Platform app at no additional cost. Contact us to request access, and we'll be in touch.

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