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Cloud Professional Services 3 min read

Square Marble enhance the SaaS experience for over a million end users with cloud

Square Marble enhance the SaaS experience for over a million end users with cloud

SaaS accounts receivables experts, Square Marble Technology have partnered with leading cloud and digital services provider ANS to migrate to the cloud in order to deploy new technologies faster to their growing customer base.

Square Marble Technology are one of the UK’s leading SaaS accounts receivables experts helping enterprise customers to automate the accounts receivable lifecycle in order to drive efficiencies, accuracy and visibility. With over a million end-users and eleven billion transactions processed annually, it was imperative the organisation could leverage cloud technology to help them innovate and operate faster.

The organisation already had a footprint in cloud with their development, staging and user acceptance testing being hosted in Azure. To ensure synergy across all functions, Square Marble wanted to migrate their production system to Azure to enable them to deploy technology and new  features much faster. Migrating their production environment will enable Square Marble to extract additional data and statistics that will empower them to make more informed decisions on how to improve their platform, as well as improving customer service.

Richard Moreton, CEO at Square Marble Technologies said, “it is crucial that we innovate as fast as possible. We need the ability to identify the opportunities and challenges our customers have so that we can improve our solutions for our customers and deploy new technologies at pace. We want to be one of the first big technology companies delivering enterprise scalability in account receivables whilst demonstrating a genuine SaaS experience through real agility and rapid deployment of new and exciting features. We also need that agility to comply with changing market conditions and demands and that’s why harnessing the scalability and flexibility of cloud is so integral to our business strategy moving forwards.”

“We decided to partner with ANS because they spoke our language, understood our business and grasped what we are trying to achieve. ANS were really engaged in helping us achieve our cloud delivery goals and the combination of their 24x7x365 availability, expertise and broad range of expertise was really important to us. We are confident that ANS can support our growth for many years to come and I look forward to seeing our relationship grow from strength to strength.”

Andy Barrow, CTO at ANS added, “There’s nothing more rewarding than partnering with businesses that share your values and ambition for growth, innovation and disruption and Square Marble Technologies do just that. As an innovative and forward-thinking SaaS provider, their technology is reaching out to huge organisations that require absolute assurance in terms of software systems availability and performance. In joining forces with ANS, Square Marble can take confidence in knowing their cloud platform is being consistently monitored, maintained and improved around the clock, freeing up their IT team to keep innovating and growing their business as they seek to improve the way that they serve their customers.”