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Kit Renewal? Do the right thing.

Kit Renewal? Do the right thing.

So, your hardware kit is due for renewal. You’re faced with a huge capital expense for more kit which will soon be obsolete. Or you can invest in the future of your business (and the planet) by migrating your workloads to public cloud.

According to a recent Harvey Nash report, Companies are missing the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of power-hungry technology.


  • Datacentres, including colocation facilities, account for at least 12% of UK’s entire electricity consumption.
  • Public cloud datacentres are 98% more carbon efficient than on-premise infrastructure.
  • Technology and datacentres have a greater impact on global warming than air travel, according to research quoted by Harvey Nash.

With organisations striving to maximise utilisation of their operations and processes, many are turning to cloud and digital technologies to uncover efficiencies.

The cultural shift from on-prem to Cloud can be enormous with teams/ businesses simply wanting to carry on “as we are” and not embrace the potential benefits it brings. The reality is that industry disruptors have been “eating up” businesses that are underpinned by older, less flexible technology that doesn’t allow them to develop at speed, scale services on demand, and enable IT to focus on helping the business move forward with its sustainability agenda.

Instead of paying huge sums for on-premises infrastructure with a 3 – 5 year contract, cloud allows organisations to pay for what they use, driving cost savings across the business.  Furthermore,  a move to Cloud, away from traditional “on-prem” and expensive and carbon inefficient datacentres provides improved resilience, financial flexibility, elastic computing and will serve as a catalyst for innovation and growth, as well as redoubling businesses’ efforts on tackling climate change.

How to get started

Some organisations are daunted by the thought of moving to cloud. Cloud migrations can be complex and time-consuming, but if done properly you can begin to see the ROI very quickly.

We recommend starting with an assessment to understand your current IT landscape and requirements. ANS’ complimentary Cloud Migration Navigator is designed to do just this. In as little as 4-6 weeks, we can help you overcome the complexities of migrating datacentre workloads to public cloud infrastructure, helping you to simplify your journey to public cloud. By understanding your current application landscape, we can help you define not only your future state architecture in cloud, but also your optimal transition roadmap.

At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive a board-ready business case including TCO, ROI and a full benefits breakdown for your organisation.

Find out more about our Cloud Migration Navigator.