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Is a Data COE the missing piece of the puzzle for the UK housing sector?

Is a Data COE the missing piece of the puzzle for the UK housing sector?

Housing Associations across the UK are sitting on a gold mine of data, but many aren’t doing much at all with it. Part of the issue is that this data is often stored in siloed systems, excel documents or worse, paper.

To address this, housing providers are turning to modern data platforms to improve data management, facilitate the sharing of data and make better data-driven decisions. But deploying a modern data platform is just the beginning.

To keep pace in today’s cloud and digital world, you need to invest in data services that are continually developed, engineered and optimised and to do this, you’ll need to build a Centre of Excellence (COE).

A COE is a centralised unit of dedicated people who streamline access to scarce, high-demand capabilities for rapid execution across the business. The COE hones expertise in a specific subject area and standardises best practices for wide-scale adoption.

Building a Data COE requires investment in significant resource and skills which in itself, presents a pretty big challenge.

The UK is seeing an explosive demand for data science skills. Demand for data scientists and data engineers has tripled over the past five years, rising 231%. And as demand outstrips supply, salaries for these roles have also skyrocketed, rising by over 22% over the same period.

This exacerbates the issue for the housing sector and not for profit organisations. If recruiting this resource isn’t difficult enough already, many simply won’t have the budget to be able to invest in building an in-house COE data capability. So what’s the solution?

The ANS Data COE

To address this, we have created a data COE – a team of highly skilled and experienced data experts, designed to give you access to rich pool of skills and resource as and when you need them.

Our data COE team consists of:

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Architects
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Integration Specialists


What does this mean for you?

  • Access highly in demand skills, on demand – tap into a broad range of skills as and when you need to
  • Make significant cost savings – avoid having to pay for very expensive resource in-house and save on recruitment
  • Get up and running faster – our team is already up and running and waiting to help you. Attempting to build your own in-house data COE could take months or even years.
  • Implement changes rapidly – utilise ANS’ own intellectual property
  • Benefit from bespoke solutions – if needed, we’ll engineer capability from the ground up


5 outcomes can you expect from ANS’ data COE

  1. A periodic review of your environment – including configuration, best practice and new technology releases
  2. Turnkey Centre of Excellence combining people, processes and tooling
  3. Full customer success plan to drive maturity and operational excellence
  4. Transform operational capability into an agile, robust function
  5. Agility and control over prioritisation of work items and tasks


To find out more about our Data COE capabilities and how to get started speak to our Practice Lead for Data, Rob Cottrill, by completing this form and Rob will get back to you soon.