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Get to know… ITQ

Get to know… ITQ

At ANS, we value our partners and want to build more of a community. We also want to showcase our partners, their fantastic services, and the value that they can offer other businesses.

ITQ Digital is an experienced e-commerce agency providing support and expertise to enable their customers to innovate and grow. They have been one of our key partners since 2010 and we continue to build on a strong partnership. Our values and growth plans align perfectly, as well as our offerings complimenting each other – ITQ makes a perfect partner for us. Our Indirect Sales Manager, Ryan Martin, sat down with Matt Ball, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at ITQ to have a chat about the company, our partnership and how we continue to grow together. With that said, let’s get to know ITQ…



First of all, please introduce yourself and the company…

I’m Matt Ball, Head of Strategy and Partnerships for ITQ Digital, an e-commerce agency works with passionate and ambitious founders that want to grow their independent e-commerce businesses. Businesses that work with ITQ are typically looking for a sustainable and measurable way of growing their online revenues, and a proactive partner to support them on every step of this journey. ITQ Digital is an experienced UK-based e-commerce agency delivering growth and support that is underpinned by a detailed understanding of business pain points and goals through regular consultation with business owners.


What does your company stand for? What are your values?

ITQ’s values are Integrity, Transparency and Quality – we pride ourselves on being a straight-talking, trusted and reliable advisor to our customers, always striving to deliver the right solution, on time and competitively priced.


Tell us about your proposition, key tech partners, and how you want to work with others…

ITQ works best with independently owned and managed companies, enabling their e-commerce presence to flourish; solving operational challenges, digitising their businesses and boosting sales of products and services online. ITQ starts all engagements with a free “Clinic” to fully understand commercial goals, providing solutions that empower customers to become real challengers in the e-commerce market.

In many cases, ITQ commences engagements with a “Growth and Optimisation” package that can be used to access a broad range of services; strategy, development, UX, training and more. The ITQ team prides itself in providing high quality ongoing client support and honest advice and works hard to nurture and develop long term relationships with customers, continuing to understand changing goals and keep customers’ businesses running smoothly as they mature. To complement its core services, ITQ has built up a network of trusted partnerships, working with best-in-class experts in hosting, cyber security, logistics and fulfilment, digital marketing and UX and payments to offer all the wrap around services at the right price-points to support growth and optimise all aspects of e-commerce. ITQ’s partners are a critical part of its business, and companies like ANS are at the heart of our commitment to deliver a best-of-breed suite of products and services that deliver the optimal outcome for our customers.


Ultimately, what do you want your company to be known for?

ITQ Digital has become a trusted partner for 100’s of companies, helping them understand how to best sell their products and services successfully on the web. Some of our clients have been with ITQ for their entire e-commerce journey, through 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation online stores. Ultimately, ITQ wants to be known as the champion of independent, founder-led e-Commerce businesses, helping founder to translate their passion, character, expertise and uniqueness into an online proposition that really speaks to and engages end users.


Are there any technology areas on your radar screen/any trends in the market that interest you? And why?

Subscription commerce and online digital services are areas that ITQ sees as major growth sectors. ITQ is therefore developing its portfolio of capabilities and references in this area. From a technology perspective, e-commerce platforms and integrated solutions are becoming ever more plug-and-play, meaning that agencies like ITQ need to be ever more able to knit together many offerings to deliver a complete solution. Partners such as Hyva are enabling ITQ to deliver faster, better optimized, higher converting online stores, but this is only one piece of a complex puzzle. ITQ truly believes that the secret in delivering a quality outcome lies in building up the business with the right strategy, objectives, technology and team, and in a strong and enduring relationship between an e-commerce business and its delivery partners.


What is your biggest achievement/what are you most proud of?

ITQ and 3W Design merged in 2019 to create ITQ Digital, blending the best of UK and European expertise and customer service with an expert team of developers and designers in India and Philippines. Following the merger and Covid, the business is now growing at around 30% year on year, so the management team of ITQ and I are very proud of this outcome, and of what we’ve achieved in blending these two highly complementary businesses into a greater whole.


How do you see your company evolving?

ITQ’s strategy is clear. Deliver well-conceived, well-executed and well-articulated services to clients that fit our ideal profile, with a growing network of trusted, quality partners. ITQ will therefore evolve through deepening and broadening its partnerships and expanding into areas where the business will continue to deliver on its promises, such as subscription and SaaS use cases.


How would you describe your partnership with ANS?

ITQ’s relationship with ANS started in around 2010 when all customer hosting services were consolidated to ANS servers due to outages and customer service issues with other providers. Since that time, ANS has been an exemplary partner, both in its service provision and support to ITQ’s customers, and also in its can-do attitude and management of ITQ as a partner. 13 years later the partnership continues to build and develop with a strong portfolio of mutual clients.


What sets ANS apart from the competition?

ANS prides itself on customer service, and ITQ’s experience has always been that ANS goes the extra mile to help its customers and partners.


To find out more about ITQ Digital, please get in touch or visit their website.