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5 Great Reasons to Consider a Career in Tech

5 Great Reasons to Consider a Career in Tech

When you think of jobs in tech, you might imagine a software developer, cloud engineer or data scientist – someone who has a wealth of technical skills and knowledge. Technology companies aren’t just hiring technical people though, in fact 43% of roles that tech companies are hiring for are non-technical positions such as marketing, design, sales and finance. So, not being super techie is definitely not a reason to be deterred from pursuing a career in tech. And what’s more, you won’t have to confine yourself to one role or career path. So don’t throw in the towel on your creativity or give up your passion for people. Whether you’re an artist or a data junkie, there is a role in technology for you.

Why should you work in tech?

Whilst the past year has seen many sectors battling unprecedented challenges just to stay afloat, the technology industry has been one of the sectors the world has turned to for solution. In this blog, we explore five reasons for you to join the industry.


1. Industry growth

The UK tech industry has grown 40% over the last two years, and the country is the third in the world for investment, increasing 160% since 2018. A growth rate that is much higher than many other industries.

The work/ life advantages and efficiencies delivered by technical solutions during the pandemic mean that long after we reach a ‘new normal’, a dependence on digital products and services is here to stay. With the mass adoption of remote working and the uptake of online learning, every part of our lives has become intrinsically linked to the digital world, making the industry an ideal choice for candidates who see job security as a priority.

In the last 12 months alone, ANS has recruited 100+ new starters and created 30 brand new open roles as we enhance our digital capabilities and expand our teams across the entire business.


2. Culture

Tech firms are top of the list for best companies to work for due to their value and emphasise on culture. By prioritising employee happiness, 62% of those working in tech cite that they are more than satisfied with their role. With a focus on work/ life balance, senior management support, open door policies and enviable perks, it comes as no surprise that the industry has some of the happiest workers in the UK.

At ANS, all our people are unique, and we love to celebrate it. When they tell us they like to play hard, whatever their play might be, whether it’s traveling, gaming, socialising, running or anything in between we like to live life to the full. We believe that top class service doesn’t come without hard work and determination from our people and great people deserve great things. That is why we provide a number of perks including birthdays off, knockout summer and Christmas parties, our purple perks platform which provides 2 for 1 cinema tickets and meals out as well as discounts from high street stores, and much more!


3. Diversity

It is no secret that there is room for improvement when it comes to diversity in tech. According to The Chartered Institute of IT, in the last quarter of 2020, women made up 19% of the UK tech industry whilst Tech Nation state that ethnic minorities make up 15.2% of the workforce. However, tech companies recognise the importance of and care about addressing this issue. As an industry driven by innovation its workforce needs to attract people from different backgrounds and walks of life. As technology becomes increasingly pervasive, there is a need to ensure it works for everyone and by taking a proactive approach to developing diverse talent, organisations can take a step towards future-proofing their businesses against the skills shortages that could hold back their growth.

At ANS, we nurture a culture of diversity and inclusion and encourage stronger relationships between our employees, creating a workplace that supports equality and encourages well-being, success, and enthusiasm. Having increased our diversity and inclusion activities with amazing results, we hope to set the precedent for other organisations to follow. One of the initiatives that ANS carries out to achieve this is our Women in Tech (WIT) campaign that aims to educate and inspire more women by demystifying the perception of what a career in tech offers.

Megan Corlett, our WIT Ambassador said ‘I’m very aware of the opportunities a career in tech has given me and I want to do the same for others who might not realise what an inspiring industry it is. ANS is definitely a place to try new things and embark on new paths you didn’t know were possible’. Click here to find out more about women in tech.


4. Endless opportunities

Technology is a booming industry and with constant change and development, there are frequent opportunities to upskill and advance in roles. Not only that but tech promotes transformation, encouraging people to see new possibilities, resulting in employees often carving out their own career path.

At ANS, we’ve helped employees to find their dream role, whether that’s helping them to re-skill, up-skill or even change departments.

One of our employees, Katy, first joined ANS as a Procurement Administrator, and then moved to a project co-ordination role before finally setting in the People Operations team. Katy wasn’t sure what she wanted her career to look like, and though she found some roles challenging, they helped her realise what she didn’t want to do.

‘When I was about to move into my 3rd role and 3rd department at ANS, I asked Paul Shannon, our CEO, whether it would reflect badly on me, I didn’t want to be seen as flighty or incapable, but he pointed out how many positions he and many other of my colleagues had in a short period of time. I can see now that it’s a positive thing as every role I’ve been in has taught me something new and built on my skills, and in a business like ANS, where change is at the forefront a lot of the time, opportunities are going to arise, and you’d be a fool not to try’.


5. Play a Role in Building the Future

Technology is an industry for ambitious, driven, and bold individuals who are looking for something new every day. Not only that, but a career in tech can influence the way the world works with new technologies emerging that a have a real impact on our day-to-day lives. If you want to be part of making an impact through innovation, a career in tech is worth looking at.


No matter the route you take, a career in tech is a fulfilling and fascinating one. There’s more opportunity and more chance to apply creativity, technical excellence and multiple different skill sets to the opportunities out there in tech than ever before. The tech industry is going to employ more creative people in the next two years than any other industry so it’s a solid career choice even if you aren’t a techie. If you choose a position in in the tech sector, you will have the unique opportunity to expand your intellectual horizons and career prospects.

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