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FLS – Fast Lean Smart.

FLS is Europe’s technology leader for dynamic field service scheduling, route optimisation, and mobile workforce management.


Instant-response field scheduling with dynamic route planning.


Their real-time technology is remarkably flexible to individual customer needs, is deployed faster, and achieves more accurate schedules than alternatives – with a precision that your field force customers will appreciate. Their unique appointment planning algorithm balances your SLAs with the right skills, actual traffic-based driving speeds, and self-learning artificial intelligence for job durations.

FLS VISITOUR transforms in-day field service management; working continuously in the background to react to in-shift progress, delays, and new reactive orders. Real-time optimisation designs choice and cost transparency within a split second – and never simply looking for white space to fill an existing plan.

Undisputedly the fastest, leanest, and smartest on the market, tens of thousands of field operatives rely on their solutions every day.

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