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Managed SASE for Cisco Meraki.

ANS prioritises secure and flexible connectivity for Cisco Meraki customers. Our Managed SASE framework offers cost-effective solutions with built-in security measures, allowing you to modernise at your own pace while deploying cutting-edge technology to support your business objectives.

Trusted expertise.

Tried and tested modern connectivity.

For over 20 years, we’ve been trusted by blue-chip enterprises and government bodies to provide modern secure connectivity. With SASE you can build a modern target architecture, protect investments, and transform your business.

Multi-discipline support.

Use our wide range of certified engineers for full end-to-end integration. Reduce downtime and increase productivity while we resolve any issues, whether that’s with an app, cloud, network, or data platform.

Tier one partnerships.

As a VNO, we are connected to all tier 1 providers, which means we can drive significant cost savings and improve services. We use specific algorithms to tie cost to performance, providing on-net services to you.

Orchestration and automation.

Our Managed SASE solution is highly automated and orchestrated to best practice for rapid, compliant and secure deployment.

UK based security.

From our UK based SOC, our Security Checked [SC] analysts provide prevention, detection and response to all modern threats via our MDR services.

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We can help secure your infrastructure.