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Transforming Global Connectivity: ANS Group’s Wide Area Network partnership with Essar Oil UK


Essar Oil UK, recognised as one of the UK’s leading businesses in the energy sector, has partnered with ANS Group, one of the UK’s leading Cloud Managed Service providers,  to deliver a Wide Area Network (WAN) solution across their global locations.

Essar Oil UK operates from a state-of-the-art refinery in Stanlow, Cheshire, but also has other locations across the UK and international offices, such as Mumbai. This presented a connectivity challenge to Essar as they required a robust and reliable WAN infrastructure to connect their sites seamlessly to ensure efficient data transfer, real-time communication across their teams and a centralised network for their operations.

Recognising this challenge, Essar engaged with ANS to design and implement a WAN solution that would provide optimum performance and ensure network resiliency across multiple global sites.

Vivek Mazumdar, Head of IT Operations at Essar Oil UK, said: “The partnership between ANS Group and Essar has resulted in a transformative WAN infrastructure that meets all our global requirements, improves operational efficiency, optimises costs and provides 24x7x365 monitoring.”

Joe Wolski, CRO at ANS, added: “The partnership between ANS and Essar Oil exemplifies how innovative technology solutions can address complex connectivity challenges on a global scale. We look forward to working with Essar Oil and supporting their global connectivity requirements to aid their IT strategy and future ambitions.”