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Storm Design moves to eCloud VPC with ANS for scalability

eCloud VPC

Storm Design, a web agency, specialises in web design and web development projects, alongside wider branding and marketing.  As its client base grows, Storm wanted to move from its dedicated server to a scalable cloud solution that is designed specifically for the needs of small, agile businesses.  

The agency chose the ANS eCloud Virtual Private Cloud [VPC], as the highly resilient platform has all the benefits of public cloud, but with the complexity removed. It’s instantly scalable with a few clicks, highly secure and based on the latest VMware enterprise grade technology.  

The Challenge: 

As a smaller company, Storm Design had been considering moving to a cloud-based solution for a while. Jesmond Darmanin, the founder of the company, states ‘being a small company and hosting all our clients’ websites was a big concern and we didn’t want to end up in a situation where all the websites are down due to a hardware failure. This was always at the back of our minds and an ongoing concern.’  

Wanting more peace of mind in terms of availability and security, Darmanin saw the challenge of storage when using dedicated server: ‘we were running low on storage on our previous dedicated server and it made sense to jump into a solution that provided really simple scalability options.’  

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The Solution: 

To remedy these concerns, Storm Design moved to eCloud VPC. Storm Design found the offering of eCloud VPC to be a viable option for their needs, easing their concerns over availability while also allowing them to expand their storage as they required. ECloud VPC also has built-in security and high stability because it’s based on enterprise-grade VMware and has been tailored exclusively for SMBs, resulting in a highly secure environment. The VMware basis adds platform resilience, with little downtime and high availability, by eliminating any single points of failure through the standard inclusion of hardware redundancy. 

As a cloud solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized organisations, eCloud VPC runs on a pay-as-you-use model, providing complete cost transparency to its users while making enterprise-grade technology more accessible.  

The Benefits: 

The main benefits felt so far by Storm Design include rapid scalability, allowing them to expand their storage capacity and take on new clients, as well as high sever availability for customer confidence and peace of mind. As a result of the scalability, Storm Design can increase or decrease its resources as needed, leading to a more cost-effective solution that allows them to expand their business and take on additional clients. With its data held on the cloud, along with eCloud VPC’s built-in security, Storm Design can be reassured that its web hosting services are protected against hardware damage and cybersecurity attacks.  

Speaking about why they choose to stay with ANS, Jesmond Darmanin praises not only the availability of their account manager, but also the entire support system at ANS with the 24/7/365 coverage, all from its UK engineers.  

He says ‘as we host almost 150 websites for separate clients, we have a lot riding on it, so the support and quick response time is great. I appreciate this greatly. This support element of ANS gives me peace of mind, especially when you compare the response time to other digital transformation providers. I can contact support and in less than an hour my concern is sorted. 

ANS doesn’t ignore you for any issues and has an open and transparent approach. When I originally started Storm Design, I was under a lot of stress, and they really helped with the initial migration to a new server.  ANS have won a client for life due to their support.’ 

 Rob Cottril, Technology Director at ANS, says: “With VPC we’ve tried to take all the benefits of large public cloud platforms, then strip it back, simplify it so it’s tailored to small businesses like Storm Design. It’s so brilliant to hear that they’re already seeing great results in terms of flexibility and peace of mind.”