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NRLA migrates to scalable ANS eCloud VPC


The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) is the UK’s largest membership organisation for private landlords in England and Wales, supporting over 100,000 members.

The NRLA offers a vast range of expertise, resources, exclusive member benefits and savings designed to help and empower members and plays a pivotal role in campaigning and championing the interests of landlords. 


NRLA recently migrated from dedicated servers to ANS’ eCloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). NRLA had a few dedicated pieces of equipment on Windows Server 2012 that were nearing the end of life.

Since these servers hosted their website and CRM systems, which managed the interaction with all their members, migrating them to a more suitable infrastructure that offered scalability and flexibility was crucial. 


After evaluating various public and virtual cloud options, NRLA found eCloud VPC offered them the best of both worlds and was scalable and flexible for their needs.  

Designed specifically for small and medium-sized organisations, eCloud VPC makes public cloud more accessible with simpler functionality, faster deployment, and lower cost.  Based on enterprise-grade VMware, eCloud VPC is also highly secure and stable.  

Explaining why they chose eCloud VPC over the public cloud, Alastair Gilchrist, Chief Technology Officer at NRLA, explains, “Switching to the public cloud would have required a significant reengineering of our services and incurred higher costs. Moreover, as a small company, we didn’t require a completely elastic environment, so eCloud VPC was a perfect fit for our needs.” 


On their relationship with ANS, Alastair explains, “We felt we could safely outsource the infrastructure management to a reliable partner without maintaining a group of IT support engineers in-house. ANS was our incumbent provider, and we have a long-standing relationship with them. They knew our business well and made the transition simpler for us. “ 

“They provided a competitive price and handled the migration well without hiccups. We also found their flexibility to end the contract early and migrate sooner helpful. It ensured we didn’t end up double paying while we were still on the old infrastructure.” 

“Transition to eCloud VPC was a smooth process. We found the setup to be easy. ANS also completed the migration without much cost overhead and delay. We’re looking forward to the cost benefits eCloud VPC will bring to our operations.”